Use the fastest WordPress hosting of Bangladesh with Nokro

Use the fastest WordPress hosting of Bangladesh with Nokro

Due to the easy user interface, low maintenance cost and easy management system WordPress is now the most popular platform for building a website. Around the world, 67% of the websites are now built in WordPress. To create a faster website you must need the fastest WordPress hosting. But finding the fastest WordPress hosting in Bangladesh is very much difficult.

As e-commerce and business industries are growing rapidly in Bangladesh, all of them are using website. These websites are the heart of their online presence. Their website will help them to reach the customer. Connecting the customer via website will ensure the faster service from those companies. The more lucrative and fast website a company have, more customer will come to take their product and service.

To mitigate the demand of the existing WordPress website demand in Bangladesh nokro has come up with the fastest WordPress hosting. Our cutting edge hosting service will help you to make a faster website. A faster website will help you to give pleasant browsing to your customer. Nokro is ensuring this to all its client.

Why Nokro’s WordPress hosting is best in the market?

Nokro is providing best-managed WordPress hosting in Bangladesh. If you have minimum knowledge about WordPress hosting you will find our hosting plan is best in the market. We provide managed WordPress hosting in the lowest possible price in the market with money back guarantee. Our 24/7 customer service center will help you in any crisis. You will get all the support from domain registration to website transfer and others without any cost. You can shift from any package to another without any penalty charge. These are the reason why Nokro is now the best-managed website in Bangladesh.

From the result of testing speed, we have found that we have real 99.9% uptime guaranteed. From the review of our existing customer, you will be pleased enough to make your decision to purchase your hosting from us. We also have some other types of hosting which is optimized for WordPress. You can also take managed VPS hosting from us if you need. If you consider the price of our entire hosting plans, you will see that all the packages have a maximum service item included.

WP Standard
BDT 680 /Year
500 MB Storage Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Sub-Domains
10 FTP Accounts
20 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
24/7 Support
WP Enhanced
BDT 1040 /Year
1 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
20 Sub-Domains
20 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
WP Premium
BDT 1520/Year
2 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
30 Sub-Domains
30 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Account
WP Ultimate
BDT 2800Year
5 GB Storage Space
100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
3 Addon Domain
50 Sub-Domains
50 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts

You will get free knowledge base from Nokro which will help you to maintain and rank your website higher in Google. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get free tips and update of our packages or offers. For any kind of suggestion about domain-hosting, you can call us to find the best domain hosting company’s suggestion from us.

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