Get Your WordPress Hosting with best site speed

Get Your WordPress Hosting with best site speed

Hosting service providers in Bangladesh have gone through the roof since ecommerce and SEO based services have caught fire. It is lucrative for businesses to move their business or create a web based platform to distribute their existing services. One medium that has made drastic effect for website building is the CMS WordPress. WordPress lets you build and manage websites without much knowledge of web development. There are interactive tools on board to make sure that the management goes smoothly afterwards. But one aspect of web management that is vital for the sustainability of success is the optimization of speed in loading websites.

WordPress may be an easy platform to make websites but the principles of the site being on the net remains the same. To a user the site and accessing the site is as same as coded websites. The users see and use the website just as anyone else would. If the user experience is not up to the mark then the business will not gain any profit and stands to lose customers. One major part of the overall user experience is the site speed. If your site loads fast then your customers and site visitors use the site and feel comfortable doing so, but if the site loading is not quick the users will get irritated and leave the site. This results in users not completing transactions, losing interest in the service and more. So site speed optimization is a must for websites.

Hosting is something that can influence site speed greatly. Hosting is the source of a website actually staying on the web through housing files on a server. If a site is hosted, then and only then can any user access the site. The user puts in a search query and the server loads the files on the users computer to fulfill that query. This is how websites work. So the time it takes to load a site totally depends on the hosting. WordPress hosting is a special type of hosting that caters to sites built upon the WordPress platform. There are some specific metrics that can ensure a speedy load time.

  • Easy installs
  • Quality storage options
  • Bandwidth
  • Extra tools
  • Upgrades and Updates
  • A responsive customer support.

WordPress hosting in Bangladesh has increased quite a bit. That is why we are a prime example of a great WordPress hosting service in Bangladesh. We provides the aforementioned qualities to optimize speeds of the websites. It provides fast and spacious storage options, similar bandwidth, WordPress installs & updates, web management tools & plugins, 24/7 support. So we provides the necessary speed optimization needed for WordPress websites. Localized servers enforces this idea even more. You can count on us for seamless user experience of WordPress Websites with site speed optimization.

WP Standard
BDT 680 /Year
500 MB Storage Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Sub-Domains
10 FTP Accounts
20 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
24/7 Support
WP Enhanced
BDT 1040 /Year
1 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
20 Sub-Domains
20 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
WP Premium
BDT 1520/Year
2 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
30 Sub-Domains
30 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Account
WP Ultimate
BDT 2800Year
5 GB Storage Space
100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
3 Addon Domain
50 Sub-Domains
50 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts

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