Checklist to find the best WordPress hosting in Bangladesh

Checklist to find the best WordPress hosting in Bangladesh

CMS is the best and easiest way to make a website is the lowest possible cost and time. Due to these facilities, CMS platform like WordPress has got immense popularity among the people. Among the CMS platform, WordPress has held the top position by a large margin. To make your website you need to find the best WordPress hosting which is optimized for the platform.
We are here to talk about the items which you need to look out for taking any hosting for your WordPress website. This checklist will help you to get the perfect web hosting plan for your WordPress website. Let’s roll for the checklist!

This is a mandatory thing to know before you enroll in any hosting plan. Uptime basically stands for the time your hosting server will be live to host your website. The less the uptime the more your website will be hampered to get service for your customer. Based on the data uptime varies from 99.999% to 99%. In this small range, the downtime of your website will be ranged from 5 minutes to 3.65 days a year. Who knows, you may miss a large number of revenue for that small period of time. Get clarification from the hosting service provider about the uptime of their hosting server.

Page loading Speed
The speed of your website has a great impact on the user experience and visitor bounce rate of your website. This is now one of the major segments to rank higher in Google. This is of the mandatory parameter for a better SEO ranking. You have to keep in mind that every second count. Here is some statistical representation that how your website speed will impact on your business.

  • Almost 47% of the customers wish to load a website in 2 seconds or lower than that
  • Almost 40% of people skip a website if the website load in more than 3 seconds
  • 1-second delay on page load speed may occur 7% reduction of your business conversation

Server Location
Server location is one of the major factors for hosting. A global data distribution system can emit the location factor of hosting. So, before taking any hosting to learn about the location of the hosting server.

This actually stands for the previous track record of the web hosting company. The more the record is good for the more the service is better. So try to get hosting from a renowned hosting company. You can also take hosting whose quality has been already proven by you or your near ones.

Customer Service
Take the hosting from the company those who have a 24/7 customer support team. This is a mandatory thing for you to handle any unwanted situation or for any emergency. Customer service of many hosting companies will give you tips and for the betterment of your website. All the renowned hosting company has a strong customer support team. Without a full-time customer support service, your hosting plan can be disastrous for you.

Domain & Hosting Security
Hosting must be secured because all of your data and website are based upon this. Your hosting must have the features by which you can save your website from malware attacks or from hacking. All the reputed hosting companies have special security features for hosting which you are wishing to buy from them. For the security reason, you may lose all of your valuable data and revenue of your company. “Sony Pictures” is the latest example of that.

Control Panel
You are giving money to the hosting company so that you can control all of your resources over the internet via your hosting support. Get full control of your hosting to rule your website. By getting full control over hosting you will be able to manipulate your website settings and system whenever you needed.

No overloaded Resources
Hosting companies are tries to host too many domains under one server to maximize profit. But this will take a toll on your website. So get clearance from your hosting provider about this. Besides that get confirmation from them that whether their servers can take heavy traffic surge. Never take any hosting which has multiple features that you do not need. Skip those features to make your hosting server more lightweight.

Last Note:
Always try to follow the above rules before purchasing any hosting package. if you consider the above feature we are hoping that Nokro can be your best WordPress hosting partner for you. We have the most lightweight server with 99.99% uptime guaranteed for making your website super faster.

WP Standard
BDT 680 /Year
500 MB Storage Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Sub-Domains
10 FTP Accounts
20 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
24/7 Support
WP Enhanced
BDT 1040 /Year
1 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
20 Sub-Domains
20 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
WP Premium
BDT 1520/Year
2 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
30 Sub-Domains
30 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Account
WP Ultimate
BDT 2800Year
5 GB Storage Space
100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
3 Addon Domain
50 Sub-Domains
50 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts

Considering the hosting pricing plan, security features and other issues we are hoping that it can serve all your hosting purposes. Our expert customer service team will help you to get enroll with our hosting as soon as possible.

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