A competitive analysis of shared vs reseller hosting in Bangladesh

Rezistro Vs Nokro Vs Dianahost vs Jongly

Hosting is one of the most important functions of any online business, project or any venture in particular. If you have a web based venture in mind, be it a large investment or even a personal portfolio to show off your credential; without hosting it’s hilarious to think anyone can start their operations. So the field for hosting business is ripe with opportunities. Now the tricky question arises. Which business gives you the best options for growth?

There are two very basic hosting business categories. The Shared hosting and reseller hosting. The shared hosting is a standard hosting service offered to general people and organizations who need their websites to be hosted. But reseller hosting means hosting provided towards other hosting companies so they can provide shared hosting to the mass consumers.

If we want to do a competitive analysis of shared vs reseller hosting you have to compare between some existing companies in Bangladesh. Rezistro is one of the best services for reseller internet options. Dianahost, Nokro and Jongly are three other options for web hosting services. Let’s compare between these to get some idea about the competitive state of hosting in Bangladesh

Rezistro Vs Nokro Vs Dianahost vs Jongly

Rezistro is one of the best reseller hosting options in Bangladesh. They have local and global domain hosting services and also email & SSL certificates. They have strong Linux reseller plans that suit the needs of any person aspiring to get a shared business going.

Nokro is a different type of hosting. There is domain services available but they are firmly concentrated on providing WordPress managed hosting for users. They also have a developer web hosting service with Python, Ruby and Node.js support on board especially for web developers.

Dianahost is a much more rounded option with Web Hosting of great variety including local BDIX, DA, managed and unmanaged VPS along with digital marketing services like email marketing and sms marketing options. It also has reseller hosting options.

Jongly is a mish mash of reseller, shared and advanced web hosting options. They firmly base their product on the hosting and provide no other services.

Competitive hosting analysis 

  • For aspiring shared hosting providers Rezistro is an overall better choice with a wide range of reseller based products on offer.
  • For WordPress enthusiasts Nokro is the only viable option because of how centered their service is to WordPress
  • For small businesses Jongly, and Dianahost has some good options
  • For Developers Jongly, Nokro and Dianahost provides varied levels of services.
  • For bigger businesses and Enterprises Dianahost has good options.

Reseller hosting competition in Bangladesh is less than shared hosting and in this way reseller hosting can be a profitable option. But shared hosting market is more competitive with more exposure to mass clients. Depending on these options people can make a choice on what they want.

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