5 Tips to Save Money on WordPress Web Hosting in Bangladesh

5 Tips to Save Money on WordPress Web Hosting in Bangladesh

Web Hosting is the backbone of any website. It should be secured, faster and affordable. Nokro is the best web hosting in Bangladesh for you specially for WordPress hosting. We are providing you best optimized hosting for WordPress.

If you wish to start your blog/ecommerce or personal website or even your company website then saving hosting budget can help you a lot. By saving web hosting purchase money, you can add those money in your marketing. For your help we are providing you 5 tips so that you can save the most for your hosting. Try these tips before purchasing your hosting every time.

1. Start With Shared Hosting Plan
Shared hosting is the best option at the time of starting your new website. Shared hosting is best for personal blog, corporate website or website having lower traffic. Shared hosting is lower price hosting plan. For you savings, Nokro is providing the cheapest WordPress hosting in Bangladesh.

2. Use Coupon Code/Promo Links
Use coupon code all time time before purchasing any hosting. This will help you to reduce the price of the hosting. You can also save a lot of money at the time of promotional offers of the hosting company. Nokro provides promo code and hosting offers in Bangladesh so that people can buy hosting as their need in cheap.

3. Dropping Extra Services
Most of the time, hosting companies in Bangladesh provides many unnecessary services and add-ons which are not needed for primary level hosting plan. So you can opt out from those services to reduce the price of your hosting package. Nokro provides nothing unnecessary for you so that our WordPress hosting in Bangladesh is best for you.

4. Buy Hosting for Longer Period
You can save more money if you purchase hosting for a longer period of time. The longer the hosting packages the more the price is lower in hosting. Nokro makes these longer packages more cheaper than ever.

5. Wait for Special Day Offers
Most of time hosting companies in Bangladesh are providing exciting offers at the time of carnival or festival. They provide additional discount on those times. To get a discount on those time is easier than ever. As like other hosting company in Bangladesh Nokro is also providing exciting offers and packages so that you can have your hosting easily.

WP Standard
BDT 680 /Year
500 MB Storage Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Sub-Domains
10 FTP Accounts
20 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
24/7 Support
WP Enhanced
BDT 1040 /Year
1 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
20 Sub-Domains
20 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
WP Premium
BDT 1520/Year
2 GB Storage Space
50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
1 Addon Domain
30 Sub-Domains
30 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Account
WP Ultimate
BDT 2800Year
5 GB Storage Space
100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
3 Addon Domain
50 Sub-Domains
50 FTP Accounts
50 Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts

We hope that these tips will help you a lot to save more at the time of buying hosting in Bangladesh. We suggest you to compare hosting packages and buy the best one from it. Do not just for the low cost hosting company. That will do harm to your website. We are suggesting to have your WordPress website hosting from Nokro.

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