10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company

10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company

In this digital arena, people are mostly rely on WordPress website to start their business or company. To make a better website you need to fix a better hosting. In terms of Bangladeshi context, people find it hard to find the best web hosting. To help you to find the best WordPress hosting in Bangladesh Nokro helps you all the way long.

Before starting with the tips of finding best hosting company in Bangladesh we suggest you not to buy any hosting those who provide extensively low price hosting. Those hosting are extremely suspicious and has a lot of security threat. Now let’s start with the rules of finding the best web hosting company in Bangladesh.

1. Know What Kind of Web Hosting Do You Need
Firstly, you have to know how much traffic you will have or how heavy your website is. Then you have to choose the hosting plan. It is better to buy shared hosting if you have a new website. In case of a large website, we suggest you to buy VPS or dedicated hosting. Large amount of visitor can only be handled in those hosting service packages.

2. Choose the Right Hosting Package for You
Considering you need to choose the best hosting package for you. Do not go for too high or too low hosting packages. In those cases, you may waste you money. Also find the hosting company who give you the free package migration service.

3. Read Web Hosting Company Reviews
Public review is a major thing before choosing a web hosting company in Bangladesh. Go for the public review about that hosting company. If you found their review is good then you can buy hosting from them. No hosting company can be 100% success ratio. If they provide a minimum of 90% satisfaction , you can rely on them.

4. Get the Right Amount of Bandwidth
Considering your website we suggest you to take the proper bandwidth support from the hosting company. It will be better if you choose higher bandwidth. Higher bandwidth will help your website to run faster.

5. Don’t Think About the Price
For buying a good web hosting never think about the price. If you choose the low price hosting in Bangladesh it may not give you the expected service you want.

6. Read the Terms of Service of Hosting Company
Always be sure about the terms and conditions of the hosting company. Most of the hosting company in Bangladesh are imposing hidden terms and condition in their packages. But in Nokro, we do not have anything like this. So, you can take our service easily without any tension.

7. Test Customer Support Service
Before purchasing any hosting service we suggest you to test the customer service of that company. If you are satisfied with their support then you can rely. Always pick the hosting company who has 24/7 customer support.

8. Know the Hosting Backup Plan
Try to have a hosting service company in Bangladesh who provide you the hosting with backup plan and backup service. It will be so much helpful for you to backup your data of your website. Rules should be no backup no hosting!

9. Know About Security Features
Security is everything. Check all the state of the art security features for you website hosting. This will help to keep your website secure and help you to save your data and it also ensures the security of payment and data of your customers.

10. Avoid the New Company Who Can’t Handle Growth
It is better not to get hosting service from a new unknown hosting company. Try to get your hosting from the trusted, well-known and reputed one even though they have higher price. This will help you in long term.

Hope these rules/tips will help you to find out the best web hosting company in Bangladesh. If you think about your wordpress hosting then Nokro will be the best choice for you. Have a look on our hosting packages, features, security and speed. This will be the best choice for your website.

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